Nicholas Weinstein opened the doors to this small shop in Temescal Alley after returning to the Bay Area from Massachusetts, where he studied herbal medicine with Brittany Wood Nickerson and Dori Midnight and started a Community Supported Medicine (CSM) program on an organic farm.


From the SF Chronical
“The newest of the tiny shops along Oakland’s Temescal Alley, Homestead Apothecary is a beguiling little world of scents. It offers an appealing range of plant products – including dried herbs, tinctures, skin care and seedlings – and friendly advice from its owner-proprietor, Nic Weinstein, a community herbalist.” See the article

Homestead Apothecary

From East Bay Express:

“In March, Weinstein opened the newest addition to Oakland’s Temescal Alley, Homestead Apothecary (486 49th St.), which — with charming, locally made tinctures galore — perfectly fits the bill for the specialty boutique-lined lane and mini-village.Now a certified community herbalist, the 33-year old LA native decided to set up shop after a stint at an apothecary and a farm in Massachusetts, where he launched a community-supported medicine program that was “kind of like a CSA for herbs.”Set up to be education-based, the program allowed customers to stop by each week to take a class, make teas and tinctures, or just learn about the variety of native plants with practical medicinal uses right at their fingertips. “I think a lot of people rootspics2don’t realize that they’re using herbal remedies all the time anyway,” Weinstein said.”It’s as simple as drinking peppermint tea after dinner, or putting bitters in your soda to deal with a stomach ache.”Now, with Homestead Apothecary, Weinstein hopes to stretch his educational aspirations even further, while also providing a go-to space for the herbal community.”I wanted to create a community space where people could gather around wellness and self-care,” said Weinstein, who has tattoos that read “Never for money” and “Always for love” on each of his forearms. “There are a ton of places like bars and coffee shops where you’re already gathering around community, but it’s never centered around caring for yourself.”

From Edible East bay:

“Amble down near the end of Oakland’s charming Temescal Alley, open the door to Homestead Apothecary, and you may find you are walking back in time to a world when health and wellbeing were enhanced by age-old herbal knowledge.Colorful jars of fragrant medicinal herbs and herbal tea mixtures line the walls here as soft light pours in through the skylight above, illuminating shelves of tinctures, lotions, soaps, and other body-care products. Proprietor Nicholas Weinstein seeks out local organic and artisanal products for his customers. He makes his own tea mixtures, tinctures, and eye pillows.On your way out, you can stop at Cro Café and get a hot cup of tea brewed from one of Nic’s herbal tea blends, good for keeping that herbal warmth with you on your way to your next stop.”