January 8th – Winter Vitality

January 18th – The Art of Making Seasonal and Medicinal Plant Color

February 5th – Lovely and Lusty Potions

March 13th – Aligning Heaven and Earth: Balancing Planetary Patterns with Energetic Applications of Herbs

March 20th – Building an Herbal First Aid Kit

April 3rd – Spring into Spring

April 8th – Transnatural

April 17th – Building a Bay Area Medicine Chest

May 5th – Mead Making Workshop

May 11th – Herb Identification for Kids

May 17th and 18th – Homestead Apothecary’s Spring Plant Sale

June 6th – First Friday with Ohlone Herb School

June 14th – Second Annual Herbal Medicine and Then Some Fair

June 19th – Aligning Heaven and Earth: Astrology, Herbs, Consciousness and Energy

July 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th – Botanical Illustration Series

July 24th – Politics of Menstruation

August 1st – First Friday with Rohini Moradi of Wheel Apothecary

August 8th – The Saging Hour

August 10th – Making Magical Herbal Toolkits

August 21st – Making Makko Incense

September 5th – First Friday with Lone Pine Co.

September 17th – Aligning Heaven and Earth: Autumn

September 24th – The Healing Power of Medicinal Mushrooms

October 14th – Harvest Kids Magic Class

October 28th – Herbs of the Ancestors

November 5th – Healing Plants and Nourishing Foods

November 16th – The Art of Vegetable Fermentation

December 6th and 7th – West Coast Craft Fair

December 13th – Remodelista Market