July 13th 2019 11am to 2:00pm | Laurel Shop Location

Just as there are four seasons in a year, women experience four “inner seasons,” or menstrual phases—menstruation, pre-ovulation, ovulation, pre-menstruation—throughout one menstrual cycle. The menstrual phases are brought on by changing levels of hormones which affect cervical fluid, body temperature, cervix position, mood, energy, libido, cognitive function, communication skills and more! We’ll discuss how-to use our inner seasons as a tool to optimize and plan our personal and professional lives. We’ll cover charting basics for cycle awareness, pregnancy achievement or avoidance with Fertility Awareness Methods (additional resources will be provided), and herbal remedies for a healthy cycle.

You’ll walk away with:

+ New found appreciation for your body

+ Knowledge to interpret the fertility signs your body gives you throughout your cycle

+ Methods to improve your cycle / fertility

+ And framework to live in sync with your cyclical nature, allowing you to be happier, healthier and more productive Whether you choose a tracking app or prefer pen to paper, tracking your cycle will undoubtedly change your life.


Veronica Ricksen is a clinical Western herbalist and creator of Kapu, a holistic care company for women. Veronica began tracking her cycle in 2015 when she had to learn about her menstrual cycle and fertility after 10 years of being on hormonal birth control. After several years of reaping the benefits of this practice, she decided to make a comprehensive resource, called the Menstrual Calendar Journal, and lead menstrual cycle workshops so other women could live with more flow, ease and happiness, too. Veronica lives in the East Bay with her curious kitty, Luna, and sweet husband, Mark.


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