Past Events

March 29th


Homestead Apothecary Special Guest at the Oakland Museum

April 5th 6pm to 9pm FIRST FRIDAY GUESTS: Elevated Spirits
April 7th Jennifer Lung : Using Herbs for Nutrition
April 14th Robin Pickard-Richardson: Growing Medicinal Herbs in the Garden
April 21st Jenny Pao: Making Flower and Gem Essences
April 28th Joshua Muscat: Beginning Western Herbalism
May 2nd Chelynn Tetreault: Ayurvedic Perspectives on Herbs
May 10th, 11th and 12th Medicinal Herb and Rare Garden Starts Sale
May 18th Kara Sigler: TransNatural
June 7th Honey Based Salve Making: A Honey Underground Workshop!
June 7th FIRST FRIDAY GUESTS: FORAGEABLE FEAST with Denise Goitita of Three Stone Hearth and Wildcrafter Tanya Stiller.
June 9th Strong Arm Farm: Seaweed Ecology, Nutrition and Use
June 19th Ancestral Apothecary: The Medicinal Power of Mushrooms
June 26th ThetaHealing Group Circle
July 5th FIRST FRIDAY GUESTS: Coracao Confections
July 19th Homestead Apothecary and Guest Honey Underground at the Oakland Museum for the Makers and Tasters Series
August 3rd FIRST FRIDAY GUEST: Taproot Medicine
August 9th Homestead Apothecary at the Oakland Museum
August 22nd THE YONI SERIES: Holy Sponge! Menstrual Sea Sponge Workshop
September 6th FIRST FRIDAY GUEST: Elevated Spirits
September 12th THE HERBALIST BARTENDER SERIES: Make Your Own Bitters w/Herban Elixirs
September 20th Dream Juju: Making your dreams work
September 25th THE YONI SERIES: Show your Yoni you care! with Fat and the Moon
October 4th FIRST FRIDAY GUESTS: Comrades Brewing
October 15th THE YONI SERIES ReCLAIMing your Body with ReCLAIM Midwifery and Healing Services
October 27th The Fall Medicinal Herb Starts Sale
October 27th THE HERBALIST BARTENDER SERIES: Homebrewing Gruit Ale
November 9th Homestead Apothecary Nursery at Hops N Harvest Festival
November 10th THE YONI SERIES The Moon Cycle Class
November 16th and 17th Homestead Apothecary at the West Coast Craft Fair
November 20th THE HERBALIST BARTENDER SERIES: Herb and Flower Infused Cocktail Syrups with Elevated Spirits founder Rohini Moradi
November 10th – December 21st MEET YOUR MAKERS SERIES with l’artisan, Plant Medicine, Etta + Billie, Oakes Botanicals, Heavy Nettle Collective, Herban Elixirs, Fat and the Moon, Ancestral Apothecary, Spice Child & Holy Sponge!
December 1st Homestead Apothecary at Yelp’s Holiday Market
December 6th UC Botanical Garden Workshop with Edible East Bay: Making Medicinal Teas
December 6th FIRST FRIDAY: Temescals 4th Annual Winter Art Hop
December 7th and 8th Homestead Apothecary at SF Bizarre Craft Fair
December 8th The Temescal Alleys First Annual Holiday Artisan Fair
Dec 21st SubRosa Craft Fair
Dec 21st and 22nd Homestead Apothecary and Fat and the Moon at the Renegade Craft Fair