One Willow Flower Essences


One Willow Apothecaries Flower Essences are created by Asia Suler, a writer, teacher, herbalist, & energy worker who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC. Below is a brief description of each flower essence.

Cherry Blossom : a sunlit doorway, inviting you to experience the brightness of existence. This sweet essence promotes a profound enthusiasm and joy for life, helping you to open your heart in an almost childlike innocence and wonder.

Clematis : an excellent remedy for all creative types— artists, musicians, philosophers, dreamers. It can bring your creations in balance, helping you to appreciate the physical senses and heightening your experience of reality in a way that is reinvigorating.

Crocus : helps to cast off skepticism, bitterness, and limiting beliefs so that you may open in softness to the world. Recommended for those who feel an internal tightness in their every dealings or the existence of stiff boundaries between themselves and others Crocus helps to ease judgment and isolation so that you can relax into a more comfortable appreciation of yourself and your place in existence.

Daffodil : Useful for those who feel restricted by their own insecurities or misunderstood by those around them.Daffodil types, or those in the positive state of Daffodil, handle relationships with ease; they are often the sunny center of gatherings and exude a happiness that attracts many admirers.Daffodil can also be helpful for those who find themselves in the spotlight frequently and feel burdened by the expectation to uplift others with their sunny attitudes.

Dogwood : Used to help encourage mental focus and resolve, Dogwood can help you to accomplish things with steadfast balance and ease. This refining essence clears away the nagging and unnecessary worries and allows you to focus on the tasks in your life that are necessary and ultimately fulfilling for your own happiness and vital expression of individuality.

Hawthorn : This powerful essence helps to regenerate hope and release grief— encircling the heart with comfort and protection, allowing the space and support to begin to heal. No matter where you go, Hawthorn will stay with you—guiding you through unexpected periods of emotional numbness, overwhelming sadness, and the painful trials of loss.

Hibiscus : Empowering for those who want to take control of their sensuality and reconnect to a deep place of courage, Hibiscus increases profound feelings of self-worth. This bold flower teaches you to honor yourself— your feelings, your passions your desire— and encourages you to have the ambition to chase them down.

Hoya : Bright and intensely clearing, Hoya creates a feeling of stillness through which you can hear the quieter calls of living— inward exploration, spiritual enlightenment, and alignment with the divine.

Opium Poppy : a powerful protector. This strong essence will create a literal shield around both your energetic and physical body, guarding you from unnecessary harm and securing a sacred space within which you can recuperate and heal. An important ally for those who have been victimized or have feelings of vulnerability; Opium Poppy is helpful for anyone who has experienced physical trauma, injury, abuse, or addiction.

Rhododendron : grounds you quickly and easily within your present circumstances, calling forth a supreme inner balance. Often indicated for mothers, caretakers, or those who have intimate responsibilities to others, Rhododendron encourages you to nurture a balance between your own needs and what is expected of you.

Sage : will clear out the underbrush of your life, helping you to find the path of your greater purpose and potential. Opening for the 3rd eye and crown Chakras, Sage purifies our intentions, cleaning out the muck of every day inertia and doubt that prevents us from moving in concert our souls and the greater spirit of existence.

Sister Ivy (or Poison Ivy) : helps us to integrate the gifts of learning that come from the hardest moments in our lives, opening up our consciousness so that we may recognize all things as teachers. Ivy encourages us to approach the messages inherent to any given situation, especially those that are particularly painful, difficult and hard, so that we may learn from it and ultimately move on.

Star of Bethlehem : is one of the most important essences for releasing trauma.  A star ingredient in Bach’s rescue remedy, Star of Bethlehem is usually one of the first flowers practitioners turn to for those that are under serious distress, especially for those don’t readily seek or accept consolation. Supremely comforting, this uplifting essence will help to clear the blockages that we’ve subconsciously erected between ourselves and the memories of our most traumatic experiences, so that we can begin to embark upon a deeper journey of healing.

Violet : opens a space of deep self-acceptance, contentment, and individual wellbeing. Calming, steadying, and maternal, this unassuming, yet sweetly robust flower helps you to feel comfortable and supportive of yourself as an individual. Letting go of negative attachments and patterns of relating (especially to oneself)

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