JULY 27th 12pm – 4pm

If you missed our Prix Fixe dinner Friday night, come by for some herbal aguas frescas & yummy treats served from the official Two Mamacitas mobile cart stationed right in front of the Laurel shop.

Perla Yasmeen Meléndez is a chef, artist, teacher, and curandera-in -training. She is the owner of Two Mamacitas Pop-Up Kitchen, an Oakland-based catering company specializing in Latin American and Caribbean Cuisine. She is inspired by Mother Nature’s color palette, intelligence, and resilience. She believes using plants to heal is a revolutionary act. (She loves revolutionary acts.) She loves harnessing the healing power of plants in her cooking, artwork, and daily life. Perla spends most of her time cooking for clients, her own pleasure, or, in some cases, out of sheer procrastination. It is fair to say that 80 percent of all her time cooking is spent swooning over how beautiful all the fruits and veggies are.

No tickets needed, all are welcome and you can pay at the door!