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Mondays 12pm – 6pm

Tues – Sun 10am to 5pm
Herbs can energize, relax, heal, and rejuvenate. They can bring joy, release, ease, and stimulation. They can also be fun! At Homestead, we want you to feel free to engage and play with what you find here. Explore our wall of jars and sniff out the best new ingredient for your home brew, culinary masterpiece, or the perfect remedy for your mid winter blues. Curious about the effects of an earthy root, or a fiery flower? Take home a scoop and see for yourself what you experience. If you have any questions, our staff is extremely knowledgeable and happy to help.

We offer a wide array of herbs, remedies and goods including candles, body care, vintage herb books, flower essences, handmade tea sets, living plants, botanical and nature inspired prints and local honey, all made, collected or grown by folks who are passionate about their craft. Many of these offerings are so local they are delivered here by bike! We also have a Homestead Apothecary line of teas, fresh plant tinctures, gem essence sprays, smoking blends, educational materials and much more that you can check out in our online store.

More than just a shop, Homestead Apothecary is also a community space for all things herbal. A lineup of workshops cover topics like brewing your own herb-based beers and wines, growing a medicinal home garden, astrology, basic medicine making practices, doula related topics and the wonders of flower and gem essences.

We’re here to promote the health and wellness of our Bay Area community. If you’re needing a more in depth conversation or have a more complex issue going on, we host a variety of highly skilled practitioners offering their time at a fraction of their regular cost through our low cost clinic program.

At Homestead Apothecary, we build community by supporting local herbalists, farmers, makers, and artists. We encourage you to participate no matter what your interest or knowledge level may be. Stop by the shop for a First Friday event, take one of our exciting workshops, drop in on the saging hour or make an appt at the low cost clinic. We hope you’ll take some time to explore the website to find out even more about how you can get involved.